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Excursion to the valley of glory

Excursion to the valley of glory

Соверши свое путешествие!

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Murmansk region

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2-16 persons


4 hours

The valley of Glory is located in the area of 74 km of the Murmansk-Pechenga highway, in the flood of the Western Face river. We offer you to take a trip to the places of battles with the Nazi invaders that unfolded on the outskirts of Murmansk during the great Patriotic war.

You will learn about how in September 1941, the rapid advance of German troops, who received orders to capture Murmansk, was stopped. Here the most brutal battle for the Arctic unfolded.  The valley of death was named by the soldiers who survived the battle with the enemy. Later, this area was officially called the Valley of Glory.

You will visit the Memorial complex built on the site of the events of 1941 and monuments erected at the burial sites of the defenders of the Arctic.  Search teams are still finding the remains of soldiers here, restoring the names of the missing. Every year on may 9, there are solemn commemorative events.

Now the valley of the Western Face river is a peaceful, quiet, very beautiful flat place. Come here to learn more about the great Patriotic war in the Arctic and to honor the memory of soldiers and officers who did not let the Nazis on our land!


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44 $
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