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Pomeranian village of Varzuga

Pomeranian village of Varzuga

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Murmansk region

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2-16 persons


12 hours

If you want to dream the southern coast of the Kola Peninsula, go to Varzuga, a village in the Tersk district, 495 kilometers from Murmansk.

In addition to the wonderful nature and clean transparent air, you will find a special spirit of antiquity here. It managed to preserve for us the local people-the Pomors.

You will be enchanted by the ancient wooden temples on both sides of the river. And the beautiful tent-shaped assumption Church, a monument of Russian wooden architecture of the XVII century, will remain in Your memory forever.

You will see how the 8-meter Pomeranian poklonny cross, erected on the site of a medieval settlement, shines in the sun.

The Pomeranian will taste delicacies of salmon and enjoy the taste of the famous varzovsky cream and cheese.

In summer, you can take a motor boat across the Varzuga river and even watch cows swimming. And you may see three rainbows in the sky at once!

In winter, be sure to admire The Northern lights Borealis and enjoy the special freshness of the frosty air.

You will find unique exhibits in the center for the preservation of the Pomeranian cultural heritage, a story about the technique of making goats (figures made of rye dough) and an introduction to the work of the famous Pomeranian folk choir.

You will feel the warm hospitality of the locals.

You will definitely want to return to Varzuga again!

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