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Severomorsk is a city of naval glory

Severomorsk is a city of naval glory

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Severomorsk is located 25 km from Murmansk, on the shore of the ice-free Kola Bay of the Barents sea. The former village of Vaenga is now the Main naval base of the Russian Northern fleet.

On the way from Murmansk to Severomorsk, you will hear a story about the city of naval glory, famous ships that participated in the great Patriotic war, and the modern everyday life of the Northern fleet. In the city you will see warships and monuments to heroic sailors, including the monument To the heroes of the North sea on Primorsky square.

You will visit the legendary red banner cruiser submarine "K-21". Get acquainted with the cabin and compartments of the boat, Museum exhibits, learn about the combat exploits of submariners.

In the village of Safonovo you will visit the Museum of the Northern fleet air force and the House-Museum of the first pilot-cosmonaut of the Earth Yuri Gagarin. In the hangar of the Museum, view a large display of armored vehicles, aircraft and helicopters of the war and post-war period.

To apply for one-time passes 20 days in advance, you must provide passport data, and children under 14 years of age - birth certificates.


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