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Deer yard

Deer yard

Соверши свое путешествие!

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Murmansk region

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2-16 persons


5 hours

Sami, Sami, Lapps, Laplanders, Lapps, and Lopes are all different names of the same Northern people. Sami live in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. They have their own anthem and flag. International Sami day is celebrated on February 6.

The Loparskaya railway station is 46 km from Murmansk. And on it is a wonderful cultural object-the deer yard.

Here You will get acquainted with the Sami farmstead, cultural traditions, life and cuisine of the Sami. They will tell You about all this themselves.

You will meet wonderful animals, reindeer. You will learn about their life and role in the household, chat with them and even feed them with yagel (Northern moss).

You will learn about the traditional rituals, musical instruments and dances of the Sami people. Will visit in a warm Sami kuvaksa (plague), poses for a photo in national clothes and try the sweet tea and Apple pie with cinnamon.

You can take a sleigh ride behind a snowmobile on the tundra and buy original souvenirs.

This trip will be unforgettable for You!


Per adult

69 $
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