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“Northern lights” hunting tour

“Northern lights” hunting tour

Соверши свое путешествие!

General information

Tour geography

Murmansk region

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Group size

2-16 persons


4 hours


We invite You to "hunt" for the Northern lights!

This "hunt" is quiet and long. In order for the human eye to be able to enjoy the Northern lights, several factors must coincide.

First, You should at least decide to come North. Otherwise, other people will see the Northern lights, not You.

Second, it need cloudless weather. Sometimes beautiful" dances " of the Northern lights can easily pass behind the clouds, this is not uncommon in the Barents sea region.

And, third, the main condition for the Northern lights is sufficient solar activity. The more powerful the solar flares and the more intense the flow of charged particles (solar wind), the more likely it is to catch the Northern lights.


The "hunt" for The Northern lights takes place in the Arctic, on the Kola Peninsula. This is one of the most favorable places on Earth to observe it. Our tour starts in the city of Murmansk. But we will "hunt" outside of the city shining with lights.


You can see the Northern lights from September to April. Sometimes the Northern lights can be observed in August. In the remaining months, it is not visible, as on the territory of the Kola Peninsula comes the polar day, when it is light even at night. Three hours is usually enough to search for the Northern lights.


We will go to the" hunt " with a professional guide on a comfortable bus. We will stock up on warm clothes, patience, good mood and hope for good luck!

See you on the hunt for the Northern lights!


Per adult

69 $
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When pre-booking a tour, a down-payment at the rate of 13 $ per person is required.