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The village of Teriberka on the ocean

The village of Teriberka on the ocean

Соверши свое путешествие!

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Murmansk region

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Group size

2-16 persons


9-11 hours

Do you want to visit the tundra at the end of the earth? And find yourself on the shore of the Arctic ocean? Is it tempting to feel the wind of the Arctic and admire the unusual natural landscape?

Then, this trip is for You!

You will get acquainted with the rich and difficult history of the Northern village of Teriberki, which is located on the North-Eastern coast of the Kola Peninsula, 120 km from the city of Murmansk.

You will visit the waterfall of the Small Battery lake and visit the rocky seashore, where you will see large oval stones that resemble dinosaur eggs.

In winter, you will go there on a sledge driven by snowmobiles.

The architectural contrasts of the village and the sandy beach with huge swings will be a real discovery for You.

You will have lunch in a restaurant on the Barents sea.

A trip to Teriberka will give you an incredible experience, meetings with unusual sights and a chance to see one of the most beautiful natural phenomena — the Northern lights!

"I was in the Arctic!" - these words You can say when you return home.


Per adult

82 $
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When pre-booking a tour, a down-payment at the rate of 13 $ per person is required.