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Husky park “Forest Elan”

Husky park “Forest Elan”

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General information

Tour geography

Murmansk region

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Group size

2-16 persons


7 hours

Do you want to take a break from the city noise, admire the polar nature, enjoy communicating with animals and ride a reindeer sled? Welcome to the husky Park, located 100 km from Murmansk!

It is home to the largest marathon dog kennel on the Kola Peninsula. It trains and lives about four dozen dogs of the “siberian husky” breed. You will hear interesting stories about dogs and take a sleigh ride behind a dog sled.

You will enjoy meeting amazing animals, reindeer. You will be happy to feed them, pet them and take photos with them. Also, you will take a ride in a sleigh drawn by a reindeer team, and will get real pleasure from contemplating the beauty of the winter forest.

In summer, you can go Hiking in the forest, accompanied by friendly and affectionate dogs. On this trip, you will learn about the flora and fauna of the Kola region, as well as observe the Northern nature.

After the walk, you will find a surprisingly delicious lunch prepared in the best Northern traditions and ser

Recreation in husky Park is ideal not only for children of all ages, but also for adults. You will have a whole day of bright impressions!


Per adult

119 $
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When pre-booking a tour, a down-payment at the rate of 13 $ per person is required.