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The ethnographic museum under the open sky

The ethnographic museum under the open sky

Соверши свое путешествие!

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Murmansk region

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2-16 persons


7 hours

We invite You to take an excursion to the Sami village "Sam-Syt" in Lovozero district. It is 100 km from Murmansk! The Sami or Sami are a small indigenous people of the Kola Peninsula. They also live in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

You will hear a welcome speech in the Sami language, get acquainted with the national structures of Kawakami and Sami utensils. You will see an Alley of enchanted idols. And in the summer - visit Ritual of the lake. You will have the opportunity to try on traditional clothing of the sámi, take pictures and buy crafts made by local artisans.

You will meet animals: deer, raccoons, foxes, Arctic foxes, rabbits and dogs of the Siberian husky breed. You will feed the deer by hand and take part in Sami games: pole-pulling, the game "deer and wolves", Sami football, throwing willow rings and njartala (Arcana) on the antlers of a deer.

Unforgettable emotions will give you a ride on reindeer sledding, ice skating, and in the summer-driving a Quad bike.

Traditional national dishes are prepared for You: lim (salmon soup), pakulu (non-alcoholic Sami drink), pancakes and Lovozero bread.

A trip to the Sami village "Sam-Syt" will remain in Your memory for a long time!


Per adult

75 $
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When pre-booking a tour, a down-payment at the rate of 13 $ per person is required.